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澳洲维多利亚论文代写 热力学


热力学第一定律,也称为能量守恒定律,指出能量既不能被创造也不能被毁灭;能量只能从一种形式转移或改变到另一种形式,(R. Gaskell & Laughlin, 2017)。因此,当我们讨论遵循“先取后处理”模式的资源消耗线性经济模型时,如下图1所示;它可以被批评为有缺陷的。这个论点背后的原因是,在线性系统中,企业提取材料,应用能源和劳动力生产一个产品,并把它卖给最终消费者,然后丢弃它当它不再是其目的,最后结束在一个垃圾填埋场,所有其剩余能量散失。因此,能量转换成生产力的原则没有实现,因为虽然已经取得了巨大的成就在提高资源效率,任何系统恢复使用的基于消费而不是沿着价值链资源带来重大损失,正如(Stahel, 2016)所言,也不再站得住脚的模型范围内我们的星球。(Het Groene Brein, 2018)。因此,必须找到适当的替代办法。幸运的是,有一种模式正受到全世界越来越多的关注,作为一种克服当前生产和消费模式的方法,这种模式基于持续增长和不断增加的资源吞吐量。这种选择被称为循环经济,将使用寿命结束的商品转化为他人的资源,关闭工业生态系统的循环,最大限度地减少浪费。它将改变人们对经济逻辑的理解方式,因为它用充足性取代了生产。基本上,把它的基本原则放在重用你能,然后回收你不能;同时,修复损坏的,重新制造你不能的。这可以在图2中的模型表示中看到。因此,本文的中心焦点将是强调循环经济模型如何应用于多个工业部门的能源回收方面,以及可以感知到的优势,以及与应用这种经济模型相关的经济、环境和商业影响。
澳洲维多利亚论文代写 热力学
The first law of thermodynamics, also known as Law of Conservation of Energy, states that energy can neither be created nor destroyed; energy can only be transferred or changed from one form to another, (R. Gaskell & Laughlin, 2017). Thus, when talking about a linear economy model of resource consumption that follows a ‘take-make-dispose’ pattern, as seen on figure 1 below; it can be criticized as flawed. The reasoning behind this argument being that, in the linear system, companies extract materials, apply energy and labour to manufacture a product, and sell it to an end consumer, who then discards it when it no longer serves its purpose, finally ending up in a landfill where all its residual energy is lost. Hence, the principle of transforming energy into something productive it not achieved because while great strides have been made in improving resource efficiency, any system based on consumption rather than on the restorative use of resources entails significant losses all along the value chain, as stated by (Stahel, 2016), and it’s also no longer a tenable model within the limits of our planet. (Het Groene Brein, 2018). As a result, the need to find an appropriate alternative arose. Fortunately, there is a model that is receiving increasing attention worldwide as a way to overcome the current production and consumption model, based on continuous growth and increasing resource throughput. This alternative is called circular economy, which turn goods that are at the end of their service life into resources for others, closing loops in industrial ecosystems and minimizing waste. It would change the way economic logic is perceived because it replaces production with sufficiency. Basically, placing its fundamentals in the principles of reuse what you can, then recycle what you cannot; also, repair what is broken, and remanufacture what you cannot. This can be seen on the model representation in figure 2. Consequently, the central focus of this paper will be on emphasising how the circular economy model is applied in the aspect of energy recovery across multiple industrial sectors, as well as what are the advantages perceived, and the economic, environmental & business impact related to applying this economy model.

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